Parisian Diary – Part 2

I know I said the end of last week but I have an assignment due and I tend to get told off if I put studies before blogging!

So here it is….

Photo 18-10-2014 03 29 29 pm

Naturally we had to visit Galeries Lafayette, now this place blew my mind! Not only for the stunning architecture inside, there is a huge glass dome in the middle and everything is centred around this. But for the sheer scale of the place, 10 stores in total and the most incredible view over Paris on the roof! The ground floor has accessories, I can only compare what I saw with the January sales in Selfridge’s. Only there was no sale! Every single designer I could ever think of has a section! I’m talking Chanel, Balenciaga, right through to Fiorelli! you’d have thought they were giving bags away with the amount of people casually spending thousands on them, it wonderful to see and also made me slightly envious.

what really caught my eye was the window and in store displays! The picture above was from the Chanel display, I can’t tell you how badly I wanted to just pick up that five and walk away with it!

Photo 18-10-2014 02 42 40 pmAs we made our way up the rest of the floors, the displays were just stunning. It felt like the staff had so much more creativity and passion for the designers collections, I could have spend hours just looking at the displays. It was also amazing to see that LK Bennett had made it the women’s shoe section! Can’t help but wonder that it’s just because a certain princess wears them.


We’d made plans to go to Bastille on Sunday for the market they have in the square. As soon as we stepped off the metro station, we could hear the most incredible jazz band playing at the entrance. Bastille market is a must see for foodies, rows and rows of fresh fish, vegetables, meat and impressive displays of bread. It was so refreshing to see people so passionate over food, the staff manning the stalls were so funny and there was a real sense of pride from their produce. The only downside was the fact I don’t speak a word of French so it made it really difficult to buy food, the plan was to grab some cheese, bread, wine and have a picnic like the locals do but how do you say ‘I only want a bit’ in French???!!!

Photo 19-10-2014 10 21 08 amPhoto 19-10-2014 10 20 43 am


By the time Monday rolled around we were both pretty tired, we needed to be at the airport for 4pm so we decided the do another long walk down the Champs Elysees. We actually walked along the roads behind and discovered all the interior design shops, it was nice to actually see some more low key dare I say ‘normal’ shops without price tags in the thousands. We headed up the Champs Elysees and have a lovely long lunch and what I can only describe as the most typically French restaurant I’ve ever seen! Complete with stripy tops and berets!

Photo 20-10-2014 12 30 01 pm

Photo 20-10-2014 12 56 26 pm

So after we were full of wine, pasta and ice cream, we strolled up the streets. Wondering if it was a good idea to spend the rest of our money of driving a Ferrari for an hour or carry on shopping, you’ll be pleased to hear we went for the latter. We’d walked past the Louis Vuitton store already but I really couldn’t miss the opportunity to buy something. So I made a slightly less extravagant purchase than everyone else was making in there but I was equally as happy and it just topped off a fantastic trip!

Photo 20-10-2014 01 41 24 pmSo Paris now feels like a distant memory as its now dark and cold in England. I’ll been doing a couple of posts on winter layers and how to dress for the freezing cold very soon! 🙂 Thanks for reading. xxx

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