December Dress Code

betterNow it’s officially December, I can do a Christmas post! Finally!!!

So this year will be our first Christmas in our house and were having family round for our Christmas dinner. I’m thinking of doing some festive recipe posts soon so keep an eye out for those. I’m really excited and as a perfectionist I’ve spent a lot of time trying to make the table, decorations and food just right. Darren thinks I’m mental but I’ve already done a trial run for the table decorations! It’s fairly easy to find cheap stuff and make it look really impressive, I’ve stolen a lot of ideas from Pinterest. I am however, struggling with what to actually wear on Christmas day!

I’ll be spending a considerable amount of time in the kitchen but a grubby old pinny isn’t going to look that great in front of guests! Being the weird forward planner I am, I’m come up with a fantastic solution which only occurred to me yesterday!

So here it is….

apronI bought this Anthropologie apron last year in Edinburgh and it’s been hanging on the back of our pantry door since we moved in! It’s so Christmassy and they have the most stunning collection on aprons on their website! Is this sad?! Does anyone else buy stuff like this?! I’m thinking of wearing this over a black jumpsuit so I can flip between kitchen nightmare and onesie chic!

I’m working on another post about Christmas parties, winter dressing and occasions but I just wanted to share my excitement of the arrival of December. Here’s a festive picture of our first tree (that really hasn’t been up for weeks, honest!)


Just realised how sad the tree topper looks! I bought lots of sets of baubles from TK Maxx and Barton Grange then bulked it out with really cheap ones from B&M bargains, I love how sparky and pretty it looks. I’d gladly keep this up all year round but I’m not sure that’s socially acceptable!

Table 1

table 2

This is my trial run for the table decorations, I may have gone slightly overboard but I’ve grabbed the Christmas bug and run with it! I have been shopping for bargains though, the charger plates were only £1 and the rest of the decorations I either already had or came from the pound shop!

Let me know what you think, I’m working on new posts now so I’ll be posting more very soon! 🙂

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  1. Becki Gordon
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    I think I’m too much of a pear for tailoring, love the Xmas post too! X


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