I’m Back!

Remember that time I used to write blog posts!

I’ve been so busy with my uni work that I’ve had little time to concentrate on anything else and having things to write about is much harder than I thought it would be! I thought I’d get back into the swing of things and start getting some inspiration for this so called Spring/Summer 15! It’s so cold at the moment, although some of you that know me, know I barely dress for the weather anyway!

So…. lets get cracking! Spring/Summer, the hell are we going to wear! I’ve picked some key pieces that I’m looking at buying over summer and trends or styles I’m planning on stealing. I’m working on a post at the moment that covers who and what inspires me fashion wise!


Should an obvious choice for summer but it’s a real classic and suits such a wide variety of body types! Ralph Lauren this year gave this trend an overhaul by adding jewel colours to typical safari/khaki basics.

Jewel RL

RL khaki

White skirt

I love the clinched in waist on these outfits too, the light green khaki colour is so easy to wear and this actually reminded me of a Karen Millen sheer top that is perfect for this trend!

Waist Definition

Seamless link! By waist definition, I’m talking this whole, tying something round your waist but not in a primary school jumper kind of way! It’s much chicer than that! Work wear especially, can instantly be brighten up by something waist clinching! I’m not a massive fan of the mid tided dresses that are cropping up everywhere but I’m all for high waisted skirts and tucked in shirts! Alexander Wang did some mid tided dresses last year but I much prefer his fresher take on this years trend.

AW waist

Waist AWI love this dress so much! I’ll a little Wimbledon looking but my aim is to find the high street alternative to this Alexander Wang piece!

VB waistI’ve purposely made this image huge because clearly covers both my trends and pretty much the vision I had in my mind while I’ve been tying away! Veronica Beard is the designer and a god in my eyes! I’ve never heard of the brand until a few minutes ago and I’m head over heels for every single piece in their Report 2015 collection, I just wish I’d found this brand sooner, so now I’ve gone completely off topic and decided to just show you some of my favourites here….

top coat trousers

These are obviously pretty expensive but it feels very much like Zara have been in and designed for them! They have some many similar pieces in their new summer collection so that is where I’ll start in recreating these outfits.

They always say, the first part is the hardest! (I don’t know who ‘they’ are!) It feels great writing again and hunting down outfits and inspiration! I’m really excited about starting this whole thing up again so thanks for reading and if there is any trend or piece you want me to write about… just let me know! 🙂

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