Ghost Dusters!

I don’t know how I come up with them! I really don’t! It’s Halloween and I just bought a duster coat….made perfect sense!

Those of you that don’t know what a duster coat is, listen up! I’m about to tell you the short history of what it is to be a duster coat! Generally they are a long, past the knee jacket/coat with long sleeves. These were originally designed in the 19th century to protect men and woman from the dust kicked up when they rode horses then later when motor vehicles were invented. So there were basically an glorified overall! Until now!

Yes I might be slightly late to the duster coat party but as winter is creeping in, I find myself reaching for longer cardigans and jackets so it’s a good transitional piece! 🙂


This beauty is my latest purchase for winter! From French Connection (link here), the runaway drape coat is possibly my favourite item in my wardrobe. It’s not cheap but it’s the type of item of clothing that makes you feel a million dollars. The toggles on the hip can be adjusted to make it super fitted,  it’s fairly light so easy to layer a jumper underneath. I’m been wearing it recently with skinny black jeans, black top and heels but I love the flared jeans with this too!


I feel like these pictures don’t do any justice to this coat at all, lightly has been a bit sparse in Morecambe this week as it’s raining most days and so dark at night, I’m struggling to get some good shots but I shall persist and post soon!

Naturally, whenever I buy any item of clothing I spend hours looking at outfit inspiration on Pinterest. I’ve found a couple of ideas below, I love that it becomes an addition to an outfit, coats don’t often factor in my outfit choices so this is a nice change. They are also so practical, you can buy fairly simple designs that last year on year!




7d33d117ec8acd482ce8b1d5284ef9263916a627706189a32d2178bd66f9aa79Topshop have some beautiful classic style dusters which are more slouchy and relaxed, I love the idea of the leather skirt and white tee and throwing a slouchy coat over. Tights would need to be worn!

I’m off out to see the new James Bond film tomorrow evening, maybe I’ll do a little film review. I’ve also bought a new outfit for the occasion too! Don’t judge me, there was a 25% student discount off Missguided, I couldn’t not utilise that!  I’ll work on taking some better pictures of myself or try harder at convincing Darren to help me!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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