Knee High New Heights


Oh hey!!! Long-time no see! I can’t actually believe Christmas is all over and it’s almost the New Year, time has flown! I made a new purchase today that inspired me to write a little post. I’ve also been thinking/stressing about what to do for New Year and what to wear (obviously)! I think we’ll be spending it at Darren’s sister’s house so not too much pressure for a serious NYE outfit, still need something cute none the less!
So I’ve been scouting around for a bargain from the Boxing Day sales (from the couch) and to be honest, I’ve struggled to find anything that’s really jumped out to me. Well that was the case, until………………….. I popped into River Island today! I’ve been seeing a lot of pictures on Instagram and Pinterest of outfits with over the knee boots. I’d never tried them on and I really wanted to but I’ve always been a bit scared! That does sound weird but the whole experience of buying boots is awful, what if they don’t fit round the thighs, the calves and also pulling on a great long pair of boots in the middle of a shop isn’t exactly subtle! Shoes, legs, socks, feet flying everywhere, not cool.
This morning though… whilst sat curling my hair I thought ‘sod it!’ I going on my own, getting some tried on and I’ll see how I feel! New found confidence! (Of trying boots on, not sure that is a thing but it happen!) I’d seen some on the River Island website a while back but I didn’t want to spend £85 on something that I would consider a ‘trend’ piece. Saw them in the shop and noticed a cheeky little sign that said ‘£50’, I took that as a sign from above that they needed to be tried on! (Also picked the shoe that was a size 5, signed don’t get much clearer than that!) You know sometimes you think you’re going to suit an item of clothing or you can imagine how they’ll look on your body shape, when I tried on these boots, they looked just as I’d imagined. Fell in love with them instantly!
As you can clearly tell from my incredibly cheesy photos, I’m obsessed with these boots! I’ve styled them a couple of ways, a couple of day time outfits and a couple of outfits I’m thinking of wearing for NYE. I don’t want to be too dressed up but as I was styling these, I quickly released that they go with pretty much anything and to be honest, I was expecting to find one outfit option for these so that’s a nice surprise!



Again, don’t know why I’m doing that thing with me face! This dress is a one I’ve blogged before from

After trying on both these outfits, I did realise that there is defiantly and art to getting them on. You need a bent knee for getting your foot in, then the only option is to go for a one legged, straight out in front of you to tie them at the back! Ha that is honestly how I had to get them on!


I think this is one of the options for NYE, might be a little too much for a little get together. This dress is years old from a little shop in Lancaster called Sienna, which is sadly disappeared.
This feels like the perfect outfit for a nice long lunch! This jacket was actually a Boxing Day bargain from a few years ago!

I’m pretty sure I’ll be wearing these boots a hell of a lot! Let me know if you have bought some recently, what you style them with or if you like them!

Thanks for reading…see you in 2016!!! xx

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