“New Year, New Me”

That’s right! I am writing one of those annoying posts were I tell you how motivated I am to eat healthy, exercise more and fight world hunger!

That’s not strictly true, I’m the least motivated person I know. I have short bursts of motivation, which generally end up with me cleaning the whole house (that is technically exercise though) then long stints of me doing nothing!

Believe me, if you could buy motivation id write a blank cheque (If I had a cheque book!). I have found through my short years of professing to never drinking again, eating only green foods, running everyday, that motivation doesn’t work that way.

My advise I hear you (not) calling…you have to enjoy it! Make those runs about clearing your mind or thinking things through, make that weird lentil dish because your excited to try new foods, don’t just eat green things! (It’s weird!) So with that in mind, I decided to start using one of my many gadgets in the kitchen, the holy grail of fads… The Nurtibullet!!!!!

Nutribullet pictures 016

Looking at this picture now, it doesn’t look too appetising but this is one of my favourite juices. Normally I’d just throw anything that’s lurking in the fridge and hope for the best, sometimes they are the best tasting ones.

Fancy the recipe…with incredibly vague quantities?! Your wish is my command!

Nutribullet pictures 013

  • 3 tiny apples (variety – tiny?)
  • A squeeze of lime, not the whole thing!
  • Again, little wedge of ginger, not all that’s shown on the photo
  • 1 carrot
  • handful of washed spinach
Nutribullet pictures 017
Ooh action shot! Looks rack, tastes yum!

All you need to do is cut that stuff up, add some water depending on what consistency you’d like and let the Nutri-ninja do its thing. Obviously if you don’t have one of these shopping channel fads then a blender or juicer works just the same!

So anyway…back to motivation! I’ve tried a lot of ways to force myself to do things that I know are good for me but I just come up with a million excuses why I can’t do them. Maybe I should write a few of my excuses in bullet point format and add some kind of solution?!


  • Going out for a run – it’s dark when I get home, I might get attacked by an axe murderer. This is a common one for all of us (isn’t it?) and the obvious solution, run in pairs! Becki, I’m looking at you! It’s the safest way to run in the dark, plus it gives you that extra motivation to be a little bit fitter than the person you run with, in case you do get attacked. (Always thinking!)
  • Healthy eating – I forgot I was doing that. Seriously, this isn’t really an excuse, more just something that happens to me. I never really get into the habit of healthy eating so after I’ve eaten a pack of biscuits, a couple of hours later I remember I wasn’t suppose to be doing that. I feel like the solution is to stick to smaller goals instead of taking on the whole healthy eating world! Maybe I’ll try eating 4/5 meals with more vegetables in a week and see how I get on.
  • Stop drinking – but what will I do to celebrate the end of the week?! I say this all the time, the problem is, I don’t really drink heavily enough to really warrant ‘needing to stop’. It’s just one of those things I say I’ll do. Obvious solution, don’t stop! Enjoy your red wine, just keep it causal, only have one glass not the bottle! Need I add, and not every night?!


I do have some serious new years resolutions that I’ll keep to myself so that no one knows if I failed or not. I’d love to hear what you guys think, any ideas of how to stay motivated or to even just get started with fitness and healthy eating would be awesome!

I hope I made you laugh with this one! 🙂


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  1. becki
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    I would Deffo get away from the axe murderer first, thanks! X


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