Moda 2016


So this Sunday I’ll be attending my first ever Moda conference, hopefully one of many!

Those of you who may not know what Moda is (look at me pretending like I know all about it!) it’s basically one of the biggest fashion trade shows in the UK. Designers from around the Europe bring their collections for the following season, it helps build strong relationships with suppliers and also aids in building complete collections in stores.

That’s lots of high street designers and small seminars such as ‘Improve your fashion photography’, ‘Blogging for the fashion business’ and ‘Changing approaches to social media’.

I’m so excited but a little apprehensive as I’m going as press and not being confident with my camera, I just hope no one notices I have no idea what I’m doing! 🙂 I’m really just trying to get a feel for the industry and focus on how the buying process works.

So equally as stressful is trying to find an outfit that is appropriate for the event. I didn’t want to go too ‘on trend’ as I wasn’t looking to draw any attention to myself but I also imagine it’ll be hot at the NEC!

I thought I’d go for my light French Connection duster coat and just jeans and t-shirt, I also need to find a bag that fits spare batteries and my notebook! I’ll be taking tons of pictures (hopefully they’ll come out ok!) and updated social media so look out for that! Obviously they’ll be a blog post about it too!

Wish me luck guys! Xx

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