Moda update

So the Moda conference was this time last week. There’s so many things I could tell everyone that I learnt but I should hold my cards close to my chest on that one!

It gave me so much inspiration to map out what my future goals are and how I’m going to get there. My favourite seminar was by Warren Knight who is a social media strategist, he gave some really valuable time saving tips and gave me such a buzz to move forward in my plans!

Although the stands/deaigners there weren’t really my style, I realised I need to focus on my demographic and target audience if I’m to set up my own clothing store.

You might notice lots of things changing on the post soon, I’ve already started on my social media, trying to make it more uniform and easily accessible. I’ve just set up a page on Facebook so please feel free to like it! Thanks!
My next post will be all about my favourite products for winter, let me know on social media what your favourites are! Xx

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