Country Bumpkin

Bet you weren’t expecting that! Country chic and me were rarely seen in the same room together a few years ago, in fact it was a running joke for a while that I didn’t even know we had a back garden. My my my, times have changed. I’m all about gardeners world on a Friday night and I love nothing more than long walks in the Lakes (obviously as long as there’s a promise of vino at the end!)

I bought a Joules Gilet…there I’ve said it! I don’t know who I am any more but I’m certainly not the same girl I used to be fashion wise anyway! I guess style is something that moves with you as you grow up, things change in your life and your confidence grows too which I feel has given me that freedom to not care about rules of fashion or style.

My new hobbies include walking (hiking), gardening and buying random stuff from garden centres in a hope that it will make me better at growing plants! Oh and naturally dressing for the occasions. I feel like the Joule Gilet I’m about to show off caters to all those needs. I’m been trying this on in every John Lewis and Joules shop for the past couple of months, a little scared to pay £79.95 for a coat with no arms. A couple of weeks I YOLO’d the heck out of it and found a £10 off voucher to softened the blow. I’m so glad I did though, I’ve worn it almost every day since. The Joules website advertise this as the ultimate layer, adding instant warmth and style to any outfit. I disagree with the last part, I couldn’t add this to the lace ASOS dress I blogged about a couple of weeks ago!


And here’s my new yacht…. 

And back to reality! I really do love this gilet though, it is expensive but I know I’m going to keep it for years and years! It was perfect for these photos too, as it was a strange mix of sun, snow and windy weather today.

How do you feel about the location shoot?! Have to give credit for my dad taking these, cheers Brucey! 🙂

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