Kiko Make-up Tutorial

Hi! I didn’t write a blog post last week because I was getting a little frustrated with my lack of skills when it comes to making videos and taking pictures. After a much needed pep talk, I’ve found some inspiration and done a make up tutorial for you!


Last week I went to the new Kiko store at the Trafford Centre and was keen to get my hands the Champagne water eye shadow. I’ve seen a lot of youtubers and bloggers talk about using this as a highlighter. Personally, it’s a little too rough and glittery for me but if your looking for that J-Lo glowy cheekbone then this is perfect!6-Bronze-Eye

I found this picture of Rachel Mcadam from a couple of years ago and really wanted to try something similar for a meal out at the weekend so hence where the tutorial has come from. 🙂 The full video can be seen at the bottom of this post.


So lets get started…

I started with all the intentions of priming my lids but forgot! Great start! I’d normally use the ELF shadow lock primer which is a bargain for £3 and it works an absolute treat!

I then started with my transition shade, this colour is also from Kiko Cosmetics and its the shade Pearly Sangria. Using a very light touch and a lovely soft Boots No.7 brush, I swept a light amount of colour into the crease of my lid. It takes a little while to build this up but it just means you get more control over the smokey effect.

Using a damp concealer brush, I packed on the champagne colour just to make the colour and shimmer really ‘pop’! And boy did that work a treat! I wasn’t expecting an eye shadow for under a tenner be so pigmented, the video doesn’t do it justice, this shadow is beautiful!

Using the same Pearly Sangria colour, I used a damp angled brush and focused on darkening the corners of my lid, just to give a little more definition and blend the two colours together.

I didn’t want to use a black liner but I didn’t have much option as I don’t own a brown liquid one, I’m not sure I’ve ever actually seen one either? Do they exist?
Anyway… I used the Maybelline Master Ink liner that I’ve used for years now just to line the lid then filled in my lower lid with the MUA brown pencil liner. Using my beautiful Sephora palette that I’ve blogged about before, I used a small angled brush to blend the colours and take some of the ‘harshness’ of the black.


Using the transition shade, I smudged this on my lower lash line and blended out any harsh lines. After grabbing some mascara and false lashes I was good to go. I did of course add some highlight because I’m obsessed with a glowy cheekbone right now. I was disappointed that the Kiko Champagne colour wasn’t working as a highlight, although I do have my trusty Sleek contour kit! 


This stuff is soooooo pretty! I recently rubbed my finger over the legendary Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar palette and seriously…I feel like the Sleek one is on the same level! It’s also £6.49 compared to the £49 and it really does feel very similar.


Check out the full video here and thanks for reading! 🙂



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