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I’ve been thinking about this topic for a while, I recently read an article in Vogue about Camille Rowe. You may not have heard about her but she’s the new ‘IT’ girl for not following the crazy hype of high fashion ‘IT’ items such as those widely expensive personalised Burberry ponchos, Celine bags or that hideous graffiti Chanel backpack. (To name but a few!)

I often feel like I’m not very ‘on trend’ with things I wear, possibly spending too much time and money on things I think I ‘should’ have. The older I get though, the more fashion seems to fall by the way side and style becomes my focus. Spending hours on Pinterest to find amazing high fashion outfits no longer entertains me, instead I’ve started to stream line what my own personal style is.

Personal style is something that is so important to me, purely because I really do feel I lack that ‘creative’ gene. I don’t make my own clothes, I’m rubbish at crafty things but I like to think I know a thing or two about style and that’s were my creativity comes from. I’m still working on it as I imagine lots of people my age are but knowing who I am as a person and being confident enough to not conform, really has helped my personal style to evolve.

Top tips for creating personal style

  • Don’t think too hard about what you ‘should like’, be true to your own tastes and own them!
  • Dress for your body shape but… hey if you are an hourglass shape and you don’t want to wear high-waisted skirts then don’t! Just because a magazine tells you it’s flattering, doesn’t always mean you’ll feel comfortable and confident in it!
  • Be confident (seamless link), this is easy for me to type but if y3our not confident in the outfit you pick out, this is going to effect you throughout the day. Some might think this is silly but I’m an avid believer that clothes really do affect your mood and confidence.
  • Accessories are your best friend, if you have that one dress you love and know it’s the most flattering then adding some different accessories makes a whole new outfit with minimum cost!
  • Find a celeb or ‘muse’ that emulates what you’d like your own personal style to be like. Mine is Olivia Palermo and it has been for a lot of years. Everything I see her wear looks incredible and I love every outfit!

So I’ll be honest, this post kind of came about when I was trying hard to write a post about summer capsule wardrobes and it made me realise I wasn’t really sure the type of style I was looking for. This happens to me a lot actually, I go to buy something for a night out etc. and I can’t decide what I want to look like, generally I just don’t want to look ‘meh’! (You know!?)

I’ll be practising what I preach in the next couple of months, I have a few weekends away and a very exciting holiday to Spain coming up so I need to sort my life out and not over pack with things I’d never normally wear! New summer outfit posts to follow soon! 🙂



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