How to get rid of cellulite

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Are we all sitting comfortably….

OK so the title might be a little misleading but bear with! Fancy doing no exercise to help banish the orange peel from the old thighs, oh I have your attention again?!

Photo 24-08-2016, 20 06 24Tights! Not just any tights though, Divine Legs anti cellulite tights! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I was followed on Twitter (@dressesandall) by Divine Legs and saw their tweets about these tights.

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A few PM’s later and the lovely Christine gifted me a pair, which is super exciting as this is only my second product I’ve been asked to review.

So here goes…..

Obviously for research purposes only, I chose not to do any exercise this week (tough decision but someone had to make it!)  so I could clearly decide if the tights were making a difference.

Nothing says summer like wearing thick tights! I’m not going to lie, these suit the depths of winter type Photo 24-08-2016, 20 08 11of outfits, I was hot as hell  but as the packaging states….’ceramic crystals reflects the body’s own heat and convert this into infrared radiation, which penetrates into deeper layers of the skin to stimulate the breakdown of fat cells.’

Pfft, don’t have to tell me twice, give me a quote like that and I’ll wear them in a sauna! In all seriousness though, I really felt like these were doing ‘something’, I wore them where and when I could and did start to notice the skin on my thighs smooth out. Technology like this is not something I’m used to talking about butPhoto 24-08-2016, 20 07 18 all I know is, I’ve tried a ton of anti-cellulite products and none have given me results as quick and effective as these tights. Obviously, wearing fancy tights isn’t going to get rid of cellulite completely and I’m in two minds about celebrating it or hiding away from it. I just think if a product can deliver a promise, with minimum effort and quick results, I’m game!

They felt very hugging and really stuck to my legs, I had no sagging at the knees or ankles which is such a pet hate of minePhoto 24-08-2016, 20 07 39. Regardless of the technology, my legs felt and looked better, they are expensive and they certainly give you that luxe feel. Lets me honest, who hasn’t instantly put their fingers right through a pair of cheap tights, or laddered them within minutes of wearing them. (My mum knows! Shout out to Jane, serial tights ruin-er!)

£49.50 is expensive for a pair of tights, I know that but these are multi-functional. For me, they gave a silhouette I really enjoyed seeing and boosted my confidence in wearing the mini leather skirt I’m afraid to wear.I’m converted, I’ll keep wearing these until they fall to bits (also, easy to wash and they come out as good as new!)Photo 24-08-2016, 20 06 09

Outfit breakdown

White lace, light weight top – Miss Selfridge

Black Faux Leather mini skirt – New Look

Anti-Cellulite tights – Divine

Lace cut shoe boots – New Look









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    Sounds like they’re worth investing in! X


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